Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Kate. I grew up in Fareham, a town on the south coast of England, with my parents, 2 brothers and sister and many pets. At school I loved playing hockey, being part of the school choir and band and

From a young age I became involved with Girlguiding and started as a brownie at the age of 7. I have stayed with guiding ever since and am now a District commissioner where I live. Girlguiding has given me so many opportunities to experience different activities, cultures and Guiding in different countries with the international camps both in the UK and abroad.

Family holidays were always and adventure with us travelling to far flung places in the UK and in Europe. How we all fitted into the small caravan I will never know!


After finishing my college qualifications I studied for a degree in Textile design at Bradford College. During this time I studied weaving, knitting and printing techniques. In my final year I focussed on knitted textiles and won 1st prize in the Bradford textile society with one of my knitted fabric designs. I continued with the knitwear theme and worked at Thomas Ramsden (not to be confused with Harry Ramsden fish and chips!) in Guiseley. I worked with both the hand and machine knitting side of the company providing both customers and sales representatives with examples of the products made and provided by the company. I stayed at Thomas Ramsden for about 18 months but felt I needed to be doing more, something different. I enrolled on a PGCE course for secondary education and started my training in 2001. I am now a qualified teacher of design and technology, specialising in textiles and resistant materials, and have been teaching for 12 years.


Having been brought up in a family where my mother was also a textiles and food teacher (home economics back then) I have loved the creativity of making toys, clothes, soft furnishings. I even did my craft badge and needlecraft badges at brownies. I remember making an elephant hand puppet from blue felt and feeling very proud of my creation. More recently I have made owl cushions and monster cushions, owl keyrings and now textile coasters to sell at local craft fairs. I am always looking for new challenges and new products to design. I have friends who have young children and have always been intrigued and inspired by the displays of their drawings hung on the kitchen wall or fridge. What if I could bring them to life?